#Photolucida Portfolio Reviews: Now what?

I've been back from Photolucida for a week now.  While I've been thinking about what reviewers told me, I'm only just getting to re-reading my notes and I haven't yet turned on my voice recorder to hear what was said. After weeks of preparation and worry and a not insignificant cost, now that the reviews are over, now what do I do?  I met with 18 reviewers formally and a few more informally.  I got good advice and useful comments from all of them, which is good and a problem all at the same time.


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Photolucida, Day One

As I mentioned before, I'm in Portland for Photolucida portfolio reviews.  The reviews are just one part of the experience.  Each day there are lunchtime chats by photographers and other industry professionals.  The first night, there is a portfolio walk, where those of us here to be reviewed get a chance to show our work to the public.  This is how much public attended.


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Portlandia -- The Arrival

I'm in Portland, Oregon for the rest of this week for the Photolucida Portfolio Reviews Festival.  A few months ago, I was accepted to the reviews for Atlanta Celebrates Photography.  Photolucida is the same concept on a much, much larger scale.  ACP reviews are a single day event, including a portfolio walk.  The Photolucida reviews last for four days.  Which, at the moment, to me means four times the panic and the I'm-not-worthy-what-the-hell-was-I-thinking moments.


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