Portlandia -- The Arrival

I'm in Portland, Oregon for the rest of this week for the Photolucida Portfolio Reviews Festival.  A few months ago, I was accepted to the reviews for Atlanta Celebrates Photography.  Photolucida is the same concept on a much, much larger scale.  ACP reviews are a single day event, including a portfolio walk.  The Photolucida reviews last for four days.  Which, at the moment, to me means four times the panic and the I'm-not-worthy-what-the-hell-was-I-thinking moments.


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Making Progress and Plans

I mentioned earlier I'm working on a couple of different personal projects.  One of them is about religious faithful and the books or texts they use in their practice.  So far I've photographed Buddhist monks doing their daily reading, a weekly Torah study and a couple of weeks ago, an Ash Wednesday service at an A.M.E. service.

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Learning new things, meeting new people

There’s a great photography group here called Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Every October it puts on month-long photo festival. If you’re here in October, you should try to attend an event or two. The rest of the year, ACP is a great resource for photographers. If it’s important to photographers, ACP is either organizing it or informing everyone about it. Last night, ACP held one of its Greenhouse events.
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