Saturday Afternoon Street Fairs

This past weekend, I spent quite a bit of time in the city, more than I usually do if I'm not working.  I wanted to do some street photography.  I even managed to talk my husband into coming with me. We headed out to a festival called Atlanta Streets Alive.  On the way, we ran across another event called Rock and Ride.

 The band Yacht Rock Revue

This was the "Rock" portion of the event.  The "Ride" started just outside the city and ended near this location on Peachtree street.  It was a fundraiser for the trauma center at Grady Hospital.  I've heard if you are in a serious accident, Grady is the place you would want to be treated.


After a snapped a few dozen photos of the band and the crowds enjoying it, we headed to Woodruff Park, where some of the events for Atlanta Streets Alive were staged.

The special events didn't stop the regulars from going about their business.  There were several chess matches going on, including this one.  These guys weren't playing around.


Just a few feet from the chess players --Capoeira!

I have more of these to share in the next post and (if I can get the technical portion right) some sound.


I may start looking for more of these kinds of festivals.  Have you been to any good ones recently?