Showcase time!

Beginning this Thursday, April 7th, I'll be showing some of my work at rare soul tapas restaurant in Atlanta. The owner recently started an artist showcase called Afrobeat Afroart.  There will be live music and great food.

Leaf GreenAs far as what I'm showing, I'm not absolutey sure yet.  I have a couple of collections I can show and I also have a few individual prints I'd like to show as well.  I'll likely do some of both.

Tybee LighthouseMost things I show will be for sale, so if anyone feels so inclined, they can buy a framed print.

I've been going to this restaurant for years, for anniversaries, birthdays and girls' nights out. It's a great space, with tables as well as lounge-style seating.  The food is soul food with a twist; collard greens and mac and cheese become collard green pot stickers with fresh ginger and wild mushrooms and lobster mac and cheese. Since it's a tapas restaurant, you can try a lot of things without stuffing yourself (or, stuff yourself with a lot of things!) The cocktails are good, too.  The Strawberry Fruit has chunks of fruit floating in the vodka and juice.

I've done this kind of thing once before and I hope to do it again.  It's a nice, informal way to be able to show my work If you're free, I'd love to see you there Thursday evening.