Portlandia -- The Arrival

I'm in Portland, Oregon for the rest of this week for the Photolucida Portfolio Reviews Festival.  A few months ago, I was accepted to the reviews for Atlanta Celebrates Photography.  Photolucida is the same concept on a much, much larger scale.  ACP reviews are a single day event, including a portfolio walk.  The Photolucida reviews last for four days.  Which, at the moment, to me means four times the panic and the I'm-not-worthy-what-the-hell-was-I-thinking moments.


I arrived today to make sure I was here in plenty of time for the orientation.  I had plans to walk around in the Pearl District before picking up the registration packet and going to orientation.  I hadn't planned on a couple of things;  the cold and the rain.  And the cold.  Not to mention how tired I was after the flight from Atlanta. Did I mention the cold, damp weather?  I have no problem admitting I'm a fair weather photographer.  Don't get me wrong, if I'm paid, I'll bundle up and head out.  But if left to my own devices, I'll take a warm hotel room over rain in a heartbeat.

Problem was, my room wasn't ready when I got to the hotel. I guess I didn't completely consider the time difference.  I got on a plane at 8:00AM Atlanta time.  When I got to the hotel it was noon Portland time, not quite time to check in.  Luckily, there is a lovely restaurant on the bottom floor of the hotel.

Shot with my iPhone 4, processed in LoMob

Taken with my iPhone 4, processed in Adobe Lightroom

Once my room was ready, I intended to take a nap before orientation, but I took a few pictures from my window.

Hotel views 1-2

See?  Gray and rainy.  And cold. But I'm going to go out and do some street photography before I go home. Even if it is cold.