From the files

I didn't get a chance to shoot today, so I thought I'd post some older photos.

I took the first three for classes I took at this great place in Atlanta called The Showcase School of Photography.  I've taken a lot of workshops and classes there.  There are classes for anyone from beginners to pros.  If you live in the Atlanta area, or are willing to travel for a day trip, check them out.

Some of the workshops are field trips to great places you might not find or be able to get into to take pictures by yourself.  This was taken at a monastery in the Atlanta metro area, from the balcony.  The light was nice inside, even though it was gray and rainy outside.

This is my husband, Charles, in one of his more cooperative moods. He and our kids were models for a people photography course.  The class took a field trip to Piedmont park to do some outdoor portraits.


I took this one for another class at Showcase, on storytelling.  The class spent the day making photographs in Little 5 Points, during the annual Halloween Festival.  This was an artist painting a spider web on a kid's face.


 I took this for an abandoned 365 project last year. I call it "The End of a Long Week."