It's been a while...

Happy New Year!

It has been quite a while since I posted.  Quite honestly, I haven't felt like writing.  At least not anything I want to say here.  (I'd need a separate, anonymous, untraceable blog for that) In my defense, I did say from the beginning this might not be a regular thing!

I will try to post more often this year.  I'm planning to shoot more often both for myself and, hopefully, professionally.  I want to continue adding to my Southern Landscapes project, and start a couple of others.

I've already got a couple of group shows I'll be involved in, so I'll talk about those later.

Last month I participated in Help Portrait.  I'm planning to write about that as well.

That should keep me busy, and give me some things to write about.  If not, I may just post a couple of pictures every now and then.

I've updated my Art Shop.  I've added a few things, and reduced prices on others.