That didn't work out, but...

In my last post I mentioned I entered some photos to be considered for the ACP11 portfolio review.  I wasn't chosen.  I didn't expect to be, especially since it was my first try.  I have a collection of pictures, but not the real "body of work" needed for something like that.  So that will be the next long term thing to work on.

In the short term, I've got a new project to work on.  I've volunteered to take photos at an exhibition  opening reception.  Two photographers in Sistagraphy, the first photography group I joined, are presenting work at Atlanta's Hammonds House MuseumDoris A. Derby and Susan J. Ross: Photo-Griots opens Sunday.  Both women are established artists and photographers.  Sue's job is to take pictures at these kinds of events.  I'm a little nervous about it, since it's the first non-family event I'm doing and because of the work these women have done.  If I think about who might be there, I'll get more than a little nervous!  It is a great opportunity.  The museum may use the photos in press and publicity materials.

So, one chance didn't work out, but another one has.  Now I've got to make sure I make the best of it.